Adverse or Bad Credit Home Loans

Sometimes things happen in life which can result in some adverse or bad credit on your credit report.

We understand that this can happen in life, and it does not mean that you are a bad person and it does not mean that you cannot get a home loan either but it can make it harder and especially if you are talking to the wrong people.

What is Adverse or Bad Credit?

Everyone has different expectations and the banks and lenders are a bit the same and especially when it comes to larger financial commitments like home loans.

Most lenders will use a credit reporting agency like Centrix to get a report and credit score.

These reports have details on past credit and account conduct, so if you have been late paying bills or had defaults, judgements and even bankruptcy then those are likely to show up on your report.

We encourage you to get a free copy of your report to see exactly what it says.

You Need Specialist Advice

If you want a home loan and have some adverse or bad credit then you will need some help with your application, and with dealing with the decision makers.

As a specialist non bank broker I can work with you to help you get the lending that you require.

It’s worth making the effort to get good advice, and especially for things like bad credit home loans or when adverse credit is making things harder.

I can help with adverse or bad credit home loans
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