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Find out more about some of the financing solutions that a non bank broker can use to help people achieve what they want.
Here we discuss some general concepts and specific situations.

Non Bank Lenders Interest Rates Go Lower Too

Over recent weeks we have seen the banks dropping their home loan rates and now we are seeing the non bank lenders interest rates drop too. Today we have had Bluestone Mortgages come out with a range of new rates starting from 4.44%   The rate of 4.44% is the lowest of this non bank
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Getting Difficult Loans Approved Is What We Do

As non bank brokers we enjoy getting difficult loans approved where other can’t. It’s also great to get clients feedback and understand that what we do makes a different financially, but also that we can remove the stress. This was a review that we received today; After a long 3 months process being mucked around
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Danielle Goes From Tenant To First Home Owner

When she contacted us she had just been given notice by her landlord as the house that she and her two children was going to be sold. She was given the option that she could buy the house; however she believed it was going to be impossible. It was a dream, long-shot in Danielle’s view.
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Home Loan Success For Previously Bankrupt Couple From The Bay Of Plenty

As a mortgage broker that specialises in non bank finance I get approached from people throughout New Zealand. Sometimes the people will contact me after being turned down by their bank or after having no success with a local mortgage broker, but also many people realise that their situation may be difficult and know that
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We Can Arrange Tax Debt Loans

It’s quite common for people to get behind on their tax, and if it’s not addressed quickly then things can spiral out of control with penalties and interest charged by the IRD. It is more common for self-employed whose income and therefore tax commitments can be unpredictable. Banks typically do not like providing finance for
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We Help Another Discharged Bankrupt Home Loan Success

Today we got a home loan approved for another discharged bankrupt – Shane. Like many people that have been bankrupt but discharged Kevin thought that getting a home loan with his bank would be possible; however that was not the case. Shane fits all the normal bank criteria; a good income has saved a 20%
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