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Find out more about some of the financing solutions that a non bank broker can use to help people achieve what they want.
Here we discuss some general concepts and specific situations.

Helping Andrea Get Back On The Property Ladder

Andrea has had a rough few years and wanted to get back on the property ladder. She had spoken to her bank, some other banks and had also contacted a local mortgage broker but none could help her. That’s when she decided that if she wanted a chance to buy a new home she needed
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Loans Secured By Caveats and Second Mortgages Often The Best Solution

Many of the main banks lending criteria has been tightening, and this has meant many customers are unable to meet bank requirements for a traditional mortgage top up. As a result, mortgage advisers are now looking for alternative funding options to release equity from their client’s residential or commercial properties – and a caveat or
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Getting Help Dealing With Mortgage Arrears

Kiwis often don’t know where to get help dealing with mortgage arrears. They are told to speak to their banks, but do not feel comfortable dealing with some credit person that is hidden behind an email address of 0800 number. It’s difficult to know what the banks credit people or hardship teams will do. Understanding
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You Can Get Bad Credit Mortgages

Bad credit mortgages are possible, but not from your bank. If you have some bad credit you may leave the bank disappointed that they cannot help, even when you have banked with them for many years. They don’t ask why … they just say “NO” your application is declined and your dream is over. Don’t
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Justin Takes The 2-Step Approach To Buying A Family Home

It was a year ago when Justin first approached us to ask about arranging finance for buying a family home. It was not a straightforward application due to two defaults listed on the credit report, and income was marginal too. But we were determined to see if we could arrange the finance so Justin could
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Are You Looking For A Small Business Loan?

In times of uncertainty we often get asked is we can help arrange a small business loan. Of course, at times like this when the finance is needed the banks can make getting a business loan quite difficult. They will give you money when business is good and you don’t need it, but when times
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Dealing With Mortgage Arrears Before Your Home’s Sold

As specialist non bank brokers we have gained a reputation for helping people out of some awkward situations and in particular dealing with mortgage arrears. Getting into mortgage arrears is more common than most people think. The key thing is to deal with your mortgage as soon as you can, and that means getting expert
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Non Bank Lenders Interest Rates Go Lower Too

Over recent weeks we have seen the banks dropping their home loan rates and now we are seeing the non bank lenders interest rates drop too. Today we have had Bluestone Mortgages come out with a range of new rates starting from 4.44%   The rate of 4.44% is the lowest of this non bank
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Getting Difficult Loans Approved Is What We Do

As non bank brokers we enjoy getting difficult loans approved where other can’t. It’s also great to get clients feedback and understand that what we do makes a different financially, but also that we can remove the stress. This was a review that we received today; After a long 3 months process being mucked around
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