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Find out more about some of the financing solutions that a non bank broker can use to help people achieve what they want.
Here we discuss some general concepts and specific situations.

Near Prime Home Loans Help First Home Buyers

First home buyers often struggle to find a home loan to suit their situation, but often the near prime home loans might suit when the banks prime home loans are ruled out. These near prime home loans have a more lenient criteria when compared to the banks, and they lend up to 90% too which
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Non Bank Mortgages Are More Expensive – But Are They Worth It?

It’s fairly well publicised that a non bank mortgages are more expensive than a bank mortgage, but many people still believe that it’s worth it. As a specialist in non bank mortgages I explain why so many people still use these, and also provide some detail on how you should assess if these are a
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Property Investors Often Use Non-Bank Mortgages

Often people think that there must be something wrong when you use non-bank mortgages; however there are a lot of people that know the advantages and therefore may select a non-bank option in preference to getting a mortgage with a bank. And that’s even when they know that it will be more expensive. Why Property
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Order Your Building Reports With CheckedOut

When you are buying a house it makes good sense to get it professionally checked out by a building inspector. Of course that gives you the confidence that you need when you are buying a house. Confidence for you the buyer, and often requested by the bank or non-bank lender that the property does not
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Non Bank Brokers Help Those Outside The Box

Whereas banks and many mortgage advisers (ex-bankers) struggle when situations are outside the norm, non bank brokers help those people that don’t fix the box. A non-bank brokers is really just a mortgage adviser that has an intermate knowledge of the non-bank rules, and has access to a range of the non-bank lenders too. As
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Short Term Bridging Finance Loans Can Help

Over the past 20+ years as a mortgage adviser I’ve seen plenty of times where short term bridging finance loans have helped people manage their way through some difficult times, and this way have managed to get into a lot better long-term financial position. You may have heard the saying “short term paid for long
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How To Stop Renting And Buy Your First Home This Year

It’s not always easy to buy your first home but it’s not much fun renting either, especially if you believe that you will remain renting forever. After being a mortgage adviser for over 20-years I know that it’s not always easy to buy a home, but sometimes you need to look outside of the ordinary
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Don’t Forget About Non Bank Home Loans

Most people would be surprised at how many people use non bank home loans already, and it is expected that they will become even more popular in 2022. The term “Non Bank Lending“, “Non Bank“, “Bank Alternatives” or “Second Tier Lenders” simply refers to those lenders who are involved in the business of providing finance,
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Don’t Accept High Bridging Finance Interest Rates

People tend to accept that bridging finance interest rates will be high, but it’s important to realise that not all bridging loans are the same. In New Zealand there are a number of banks and finance companies that can offer bridging finance, but you need to know where to go to get the best options
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Scott Needed His Tax Debt Sorted Quickly

When Scott contacted us to get his tax debt sorted out he was stressed as he watched the IRD charging interest and penalties. He admitted that he should have addressed the overdue tax earlier, but life and work got in the way. What surprised Scott was when his bank were not willing to help. Getting
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