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A low doc mortgage is designed for self-employed people that cannot “prove” their income at the time that they need to raise finance. There are many reasons for this…

Bluestone Mortgages Provide Home Loans For Self Employed Kiwis

Bluestone Mortgages are a non bank lender who provide home loans for self employed Kiwis who may find it hard to get loans with the banks. While they offer home loans to both self employed and employees, mortgage brokers say they have a real niche for providing affordable long-term home loans for self employed. They
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Low Doc Home Loans Available For Self Employed

New Zealand has a large number of self employed people and and small business owners whom find it difficult to meet the banks criteria when it comes to proving income, and that’s the main reason some of the non-bank lenders created low doc home loans. The problem is many self-employed people will talk to their
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Debt Consolidation Saves Money For Hawkes Bay Couple

Having been recognised as a specialist non bank broker I now get contacted from people all over New Zealand looking for help to tidy up their finances. This week it was a couple from Hawkes Bay that needed some help. They had a mortgage with a credit union but also had a lot of short-term
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