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Getting Help Dealing With Mortgage Arrears

Kiwis often don’t know where to get help dealing with mortgage arrears. They are told to speak to their banks, but do not feel comfortable dealing with some credit person that is hidden behind an email address of 0800 number. It’s difficult to know what the banks credit people or hardship teams will do. Understanding
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Dealing With Mortgage Arrears Before Your Home’s Sold

As specialist non bank brokers we have gained a reputation for helping people out of some awkward situations and in particular dealing with mortgage arrears. Getting into mortgage arrears is more common than most people think. The key thing is to deal with your mortgage as soon as you can, and that means getting expert
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Bluestone Mortgages Provide Home Loans For Self Employed Kiwis

Bluestone Mortgages are a non bank lender who provide home loans for self employed Kiwis who may find it hard to get loans with the banks. While they offer home loans to both self employed and employees, mortgage brokers say they have a real niche for providing affordable long-term home loans for self employed. They
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Aaron’s Successful Mortgage Rescue Story

Last week I was contacted by a very concerned man who needed a mortgage rescue. He left his job last year and set up his own business and while things have been ticking along quite well, a few months ago he had done a large job, was paid the 50% deposit but is still waiting
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