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Adverse credit is another way to say you have issues with your credit worthiness. Your credit check may have shown some defaults, collections or there may be a judgement to enforce payment. There are differing degrees of adverse credit.

Helping Andrea Get Back On The Property Ladder

Andrea has had a rough few years and wanted to get back on the property ladder. She had spoken to her bank, some other banks and had also contacted a local mortgage broker but none could help her. That’s when she decided that if she wanted a chance to buy a new home she needed
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We Help Another Discharged Bankrupt Home Loan Success

Today we got a home loan approved for another discharged bankrupt – Shane. Like many people that have been bankrupt but discharged Kevin thought that getting a home loan with his bank would be possible; however that was not the case. Shane fits all the normal bank criteria; a good income has saved a 20%
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Bluestone Mortgages Provide Home Loans For Self Employed Kiwis

Bluestone Mortgages are a non bank lender who provide home loans for self employed Kiwis who may find it hard to get loans with the banks. While they offer home loans to both self employed and employees, mortgage brokers say they have a real niche for providing affordable long-term home loans for self employed. They
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