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Find out more about some of the financing solutions that a non bank broker can use to help people achieve what they want.
Here we discuss some general concepts and specific situations.

Debt Consolidation Saves Money For Hawkes Bay Couple

Having been recognised as a specialist non bank broker I now get contacted from people all over New Zealand looking for help to tidy up their finances. This week it was a couple from Hawkes Bay that needed some help. They had a mortgage with a credit union but also had a lot of short-term
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Looking For A Home Loan But Do Not Have A Good Credit History

I get inquiries every day, and not all of them will result in bank mortgages – at least yet. Like today’s from Deanna;  “I am 22 years old and  I do not have a good credit history …” This is not an uncommon situation. You Do Not Have A Good Credit History Just because you
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Aaron’s Successful Mortgage Rescue Story

Last week I was contacted by a very concerned man who needed a mortgage rescue. He left his job last year and set up his own business and while things have been ticking along quite well, a few months ago he had done a large job, was paid the 50% deposit but is still waiting
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Bad Credit Doesn’t Stop This Lady Owning Her Dream Home

Being a mortgage broker can lead to some very satisfying stories – times when we can help people into their dream home even when sometimes the odds seem stacked against them. What is your dream home? What is stopping you owning a home like that? I recently met one lady that had a dream home
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They Thought Their Bad Credit Would Mean No To A Home Loan

When Steve and his wife contacted me about getting a home loan they explained that they had a default with BNZ from a few years ago and this had caused their current bank to decline their loan application, so they held out little hope that we could do any better and had resigned themselves to
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