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These are some real life stories of people that we have helped.
We have not used the peoples full names or in some cases real names to protect their identity, but the stories themselves are real and show some of the unique situations where we help everyday Kiwis.

Justin Takes The 2-Step Approach To Buying A Family Home

It was a year ago when Justin first approached us to ask about arranging finance for buying a family home. It was not a straightforward application due to two defaults listed on the credit report, and income was marginal too. But we were determined to see if we could arrange the finance so Justin could
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Danielle Goes From Tenant To First Home Owner

When she contacted us she had just been given notice by her landlord as the house that she and her two children was going to be sold. She was given the option that she could buy the house; however she believed it was going to be impossible. It was a dream, long-shot in Danielle’s view.
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Home Loan Success For Previously Bankrupt Couple From The Bay Of Plenty

As a mortgage broker that specialises in non bank finance I get approached from people throughout New Zealand. Sometimes the people will contact me after being turned down by their bank or after having no success with a local mortgage broker, but also many people realise that their situation may be difficult and know that
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We Help Another Discharged Bankrupt Home Loan Success

Today we got a home loan approved for another discharged bankrupt – Shane. Like many people that have been bankrupt but discharged Kevin thought that getting a home loan with his bank would be possible; however that was not the case. Shane fits all the normal bank criteria; a good income has saved a 20%
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Getting Revolving Credit Loan For Elderly Lady

Today I managed to get a bank to approve a revolving credit facility for a 69-year old lady. Yes, your non bank broker can get bank approvals too. Banks Don’t Like Old People! A lot of banks have interpreted the Responsible Lending Code to mean that they should never lend to people if they cannot pay
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Banks Do Not Like To Finance Tax Debt

As a mortgage broker dealing with self-employed people and small business owners I get asked a lot to finance tax debt. In most cases the people have already been talking to their banks and got the big NO. But sometimes we get the chance to arrange the finance before people have talked to their bank.
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Helping Kim Get Her Home Ready For Sale

This week I had a call from Kim who was wanting some extra money to get her home ready for sale. She owns a nice 3-bedroom home in West Auckland, but due to a recent redundancy and some personal issues she had decided to sell her home. She has worked out that she can replace
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